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In 1952 Ernesto Nathan Rogers wrote that by carefully examining an object as simple as a spoon, we could understand the kind of city and society that produced it. Inspired by his words we worked together with algorithmic machines to create a spoon for our times - the Spawn collection. It's a spoon but it is not a spoon. Spawned by machines and crafted by humans. We only made a hundred. Get one.


It looks like a silver spoon, but it was designed with a new process that we call “Artisanal Intelligence”.

We are oio - a creative team of humans and machines. Teaming up with hypercraft designer giosampietro we designed a series of eating accessories, manufactured in one of the oldest silverware factories in Italy. That's right, these are not just pixels but we actually went to the factory and made them out of metal.

The result is a capsule collection of three silver items, currently available to purchase in a limited edition of a hundred, until they run out of stock.

oio spoon with orange cube held by a hand
oio spoon with orange cube held by a hand
oio spoon with orange cube held by a hand
oio spoon with orange cube held by a hand
oio spoon with orange cube held by a hand

A limited edition

From all the infinite combinations generated with the artificial intelligence we only crafted three models, in a limited edition of a hundred pieces.
We are not making more of them.


still available
oio spoon with blue ball held by a hand

Spawn #22

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190 GBP
oio spoon with blue ball held by a hand

Spawn #51

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190 GBP
oio spoon with blue ball held by a hand

Spawn #83

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Shipping early December.

Questions? Please read our FAQ

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How did we make them?


It’s how we made the collection, a new process where human designers take part in a creative exchange with a series of algorithms, starting from ideation all the way to production.

Gathering thousands of existing spoon images in a curated collection

The images are then used by the AI to learn and generate new designs

A few selected designs are then moulded in 3D by human designers

The 3D models are then crafted by skilled artisan metalworkers

From AI to craft

The collection is born out of a constant dialogue between humans and machines, blending craftsmen’s intuition with the limitless generative power of artificial intelligence — two seemingly distant worlds with no connections whatsoever, until now.

From archives to infinite ideas

oio spoon with orange cube held by a hand

As part of the process we had to teach our artificial companion how to generate new eating accessories. So we handpicked images from existing styles of cutlery to create our own unique archive. The machine then started generating thousands of variations, from which we picked the most interesting ones, hinting at new unexpected aesthetics and functionalities.


by giosampietro

Turning the output of the AI into something manufacturable required a new kind of expertise, someone who could easily bridge the gap from the multi-dimensional world of AI to traditional metal craftsmanship. Luckily giosampietro is a hypercraft designer, a new trans-disciplinary figure speaking the complex language of technology while being deeply rooted into the artisanal tradition. He designed new processes to turn a stream of simple images into beautiful three-dimensional forms, ready to be spawned into metal.

Making it real

Smart people would make an NFT out of these models, but we are not smart. It took us a year to turn them into actual silver spoons, working tirelessly with Greggio Argenterie, one of the most important silverware factories in Italy, a landmark institution in the world of silver. The result is an impeccable set of products, hand-polished and soup-ready.

oio spoon with orange cube held by a hand oio spoon with orange cube held by a hand
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What’s included in the package?

The ordered Spawn together with a silver-polishing cloth and a certificate of authenticity, featuring the serial number. All packed in a high-quality bespoke casing with custom foam braces to protect the item.

Silverware maintenance

Silverware is easy to maintain: avoid contact with lemon, vinegar, or salt. Hand wash with a soft sponge. Over time silver can develop a patina, use the provided polishing cloth to bring it back to a shine.

What’s the material?

It's 15 micron silver-plated brass, thick plated. It's what's called "The Grand Hotel Standard".

Return policies

All sales are final. Due to the bespoke nature of the products we cannot accept returns. Please get in touch at [email protected] for any queries.

Import taxes and VAT

If you are based outside of the UK, you could be subject to added VAT and import taxes. If you are based in the UK, we add 20% VAT at the checkout.

When are you shipping?

We are planning to ship in the first half of December 2022. After you purchase you'll get shipping updates and tracking information.

Collect in person

Among the shipping options there's a collection in person from our studio in London. If you are not in a hurry, we can keep the spoon for you there and you can collect it the next time you are in LDN.

Will I get it in time for Christmas?

It's very likely, especially if you live in Europe. If you are in London you can come to collect it in person from our studio, just send us an email at [email protected].

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